How to Easily Create Healthy Recipe & Food Choices with Recipe Developer Dominique Sullivan from Perchance to Cook blog

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Today I’m talking with Dominique Sullivan. Dominique runs the wonderful food blog PerChance to Cook, which contains hundreds of healthy clean recipes for a delicious life.

Growing up with a European mom, Dominique was always aware that foods in the U.S. often have more processed ingredients than in many other countries. Later, her husband began to face some autoimmune issues, so they decided to dive into eating clean as a couple and family.

The decision to focus on healthy eating choices as a part of their health and wellness journey made them both feel better and now Dominique shares her healthy recipes (and beautiful food photos) with the world. Today’s episode contains many helpful tips on where to start if you’re looking to eat clean, and even how to clean up your make up and household ingredients over time.

Many healthy recipes have complicated substitutions or expensive flour combinations in them that can make healthy eating an overwhelming process. But now with four kids and years of recipe-inventing experience, Dominique’s ability to create beautifully simple, clean recipes makes her such a helpful asset to all of us by making healthy eating easy and approachable.

We chat about what organic produce to prioritize, how to cut down on sugar, what it means to eat Paleo, food prepping and utilizing leftovers.

Dominique also reminds us to live a little, explaining why indulging in whole-food-based deserts can be important in a balanced life, and a well-adjusted family.

Today’s episode is a good reminder that we can all cut down on unhealthy, unnecessary chemicals and additives in our daily lives. Dominique shares how to utilize the info on the Environmental Working Group’s research to make the changes that will move the needle the most.

We touch on some examples of ways we can “vote with our money” as consumers, which will influence food and product manufacturers to make natural health important in their future products.

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