Co-Parenting: When There’s Conflict with a Difficult Ex-Partner with Latisha Ellis, LPC, CAMS of Empowered Transitions Counseling

On today’s episode of the Telewellness Hub podcast, we hear from wellness expert Latisha Ellis of Empowered Transitions Counseling.

Latisha specializes in helping parents who find themselves having to navigate high-conflict coparenting situations.

She also hosts some amazing online support groups, including Breakup Support Group, Coparenting Support Group, Mom Rage Group, and Women’s Support Group.

This conversation is so valuable and needed. Many divorced and post-relationship coparents find themselves on difficult terrain.

Latisha shares an observation that she often sees in parents who are starting off on the coparenting journey: many parents can have blinders on. They may feel they’re making a decision for their child, but sometimes decisions can be partially fueled by a parent’s emotions about the other parent.

Some parents may feel like they’re shielding their children from the adult conflict, but Latisha reminds us that children are observant and pick up on emotion, like our behavior after a phone call with an ex, for instance.

We talk candidly in this episode about some of the effects that adult conflict can have on children, including anxiety, over-responsibility, and even self-harm in some instances.

And, Latisha gives us important reminders to ensure and pursue wellness in our families. These reminders include making sure we have professional counsel and help, getting into supportive community, and doing the work to disarm any triggers, so that we can conduct coparenting interactions without becoming as activated.

I really appreciated Latisha’s practical approach to helping coparents set up healthier, calmer communication, including her guided email program. Many times, it’s best to set boundaries around communication modes and allowed topics, as all that’s really necessary is factual planning around the child’s schedule and needs.

Latisha also reminds us that we’re human, we’re going to have emotions about difficult situations, and that it’s ok. It was so encouraging to hear her positive focus on guiding her clients to navigate and process those emotions, and her confidence that hard situations don’t have to defeat families.

Latisha also shared a beautiful personal story about what motivated her to focus on this area of counseling. After seeing her own close family member in a high-conflict coparenting situation, she knew that this important work was needed in the world.

She has helped many coparents and families achieve calmer, healthier dynamics, and those interpersonal interactions are such a huge part of the wellness journey.

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