Embracing Life’s Unexpected Twists: A Conversation for When Life Gets Weird (Or Worse) with Anna Saviano, MA, LPC, LCPC

Have you ever felt blindsided by life’s unexpected plot twists? Been left wrestling with changes that disrupt your sense of well-being? Join us for an enlightening conversation with the incredible Anna Saviano, a business owner, psychotherapist, mom, and consultant with a treasure trove of insights to share. Anna helps us to explore the impact of these life-altering events on our wellness and introduces us to the empowering practices of radical acceptance and mindfulness. She shares her experiences in guiding clients through challenging transitions and helps us appreciate the transformative power of embracing life’s unpredictable narrative.

As we continue our journey toward wellness, Anna emphasizes the significance of encouragement and gratitude. She reassures us that any motive for wanting to improve our lives is valid and worth pursuing. She underscores the power of authentic connections and reveals how being selective about the community we engage with can truly enrich our lives. We also delve into the therapeutic benefits of retaining control over the small things in life, even when the larger narrative feels overwhelming. So if you’re ready for some real talk about navigating life’s curveballs and cultivating wellness, this episode is a must-listen. This engaging and hopeful discussion promises to inspire and equip you with practical insights to help you cope with the unexpected twists and turns of life.


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