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Business Address

Vancouver, BC

Wellness Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT), Compassion Focused, Culturally Sensitive, Expressive Arts, Integrative, Interpersonal, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Multicultrual, Musical Therapy, Transpersonal, Mindfulness, Meditation

Wellness Support Areas

Addiction, Behavioral Issues, Bisexuality, Chronic pain, Coping Skills, Immigration Evaluation, Individualized Plans, Lesbian, Gay, Other, Life transitions, Meditation, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Race, Color, and Sex Discrimination, Relationship Issues, Women's Issues

Age Group Expertise

Elders (65+), Adults (18+), Adolescents/Teens (14-19), Preteens/Tweens (11 to 13), Children (6 to 10), Toddlers/preschoolers (0 to 6)


$100 - $150





Availability (Hours)


Availability (Days of the Week)

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Faith Orientation

Buddhist, Jewish, Other spiritual or religious affiliations

Racial Competence (United States)

South Africa, Cultures of Asia, Southeast Asia, Cultures of Europe, Cultures of Central America, Cultures of South America, Cultures of North America

Wellness Expert Specialized Experience

LGBTQ+ Allied, Blind Allied, Body Positivity, Racial Justice Allied, Vegan Allied, Healthcare Workers, First Responders, First Responders

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