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TeleWellness Hub is here to help you share your story and mission with your target audience beyond the constraints of paid ads on search engines and social media. Take your marketing to the next level through the power of TV ads customized and streamed just for TeleWelllness Hub premium members, outsmarting our competition.

Created just for TeleWellness Hub Premium members!

Created just for
TeleWellness Hub Premium members!


CTV stands for “connected TV” and is any television set used to stream video content over the internet vs typical cable outlet.

Amazon Fire TV, Sling TV, Google ChromeCast, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, and more!

CBS, CNN, CNBC, Comedy Central, E!, Discovery Channel, ESPN, Food Network, Fox, FX, HGTV, MSN, MTV, NBA, NBC, NFL, NHL, TBS, Sling, TLC, TNT, USA Today, and more! Click HERE to see the full list of major CTV networks.

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We guarantee a minimum of 100 views/month

Absolutely, not! Our CTV support team will work with you to create your very own custom CTV video ad. Once you sign up for the Premium membership, you will receive a CTV guide to help you get started! We just ask for you to make a 15 second video introducing yourself once you sign up. Click HERE to view a sample video ad.

Yes, absolutely! Every Premium member will receive a hard copy of their custom CTV video ad to share.

Yes, absolutely! Once you are signed up, you will receive an Audience Target Form via to the email address you use to sign up to select the characteristics for your target audience.

Yes. Every month, we directly email each of our Premium members with a custom monthly report that shares the total number of views, completion rate, networks their custom CTV video ad appeared on, devices the video ad appeared on, and heat map of where their video ad was seen. Click HERE to view a sample monthly report.

CTV advertising does not overlap with marketing efforts on social media or YouTube, which makes CTV advertising an excellent complement to your existing advertising channels. Our CTV video ads provide an essential addition to any marketing strategy, allowing you to run ads on connected TV to extend your reach far beyond social media and search engines.

Feel free to email TeleWellness Hub founder and fellow wellness colleague, Marta Hamilton, at marta@telewellnesshub.com with any questions.

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