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🌟 About Me: I am a LCSW psychotherapist and am passionate about guiding courageous women and couples through life's challenging chapters - specializing in infertility, fertility issues, perinatal-postpartum anxiety-mood disorders, and grief & loss.

🤝 My Approach: I thrive on fostering genuine connections, making you feel seen, heard, and truly supported. My mission is to empower individuals to discover their voice, nurture confidence, and uncover their inner strengths to achieve their goals. Clients describe me as warm, sincere, supportive, curious, and optimistic.

📚 Continuous Growth: I'm committed to lifelong learning, staying updated with the latest developments in infertility, maternal mental health, and grief & loss. Training and education are key to providing the best care.

🌼 Motherhood & Beyond: As a therapist, I'm passionate about helping women adjust to motherhood, enabling them to flourish in their unique way. My goal is to enhance well-being, patience, self-love, and the bond with your child.

🌈 Infertility & Fertility: My unwavering commitment to women facing infertility and fertility challenges is rooted in the desire to empower and support. I aim to help you find peace, strength, and excitement in your family-building journey.

🦋 Healing from Loss: For those who have experienced pregnancy loss, stillbirth, infant death, or birth trauma, I'm here to help you process, accept, and move forward. Together, we'll find ways to heal and embrace life.

👫 Strengthening Relationships: Infertility, postpartum issues, and grief often affect other relationships. I specialize in working with couples to enhance their connection, communication, and support during trying times.

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🌻 I believe that in our lives we will face many hardships. Some we will resolve on our own and others we will need the loving support of those around us or of a professional psychotherapist. I strongly believe that with time and help we can all grow and move past our challenges. Resiliency research shows that the earlier we build a circle of support around us such as with friends, family, church, or a therapist, the easier it can feel. Grief research shows that the sooner we build a circle of support around us after a loss, the faster and more successful we will be in resolving our grief. My hope for you is to enjoy your life, find relief, and find someone who can help you through this difficult time. Feel. Heal. Grow. 🌱

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Empowerment, Endometriosis, Grief, Healing From Loss, Hormonal Imbalances, Infertility, Life Issues, Life Transitions, Menstrual Issues, Miscarriage, Parenting, Postpartum Anxiety, Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Health, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Discrimination, Relationship Issues, Women's Issues, Women's Reproductive Issues

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