Wellness Approach

Taking care of others is hard work and, as parents, we need to make time to take care of ourselves. I work collaboratively with parents to identify the real source of their stress, improve their self-awareness so they can tune into their own needs, learn ways to regulate their brain and body, and simplify life to free up space for what really matters. Together we work through logistics to devise a tangible plan of action each session to make realistic steps towards improved well-being.



Wellness Support Areas

ADHD, Burnout, Caregiver Burnout, Depression, Goal Setting, Highly Sensitive Person, Learning Disabilities, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Parenting, Sleep Issues, Stress, Stress Management

Wellness Approaches

Coaching, Strength-Based, Mindfulness

TeleWellness Offerings

Video sessions/consultation, Support Groups, HIPAA Compliant, Secured, and Encrypted Communication

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