Wellness Approach

A thorough evaluation is the first stage of autism therapy in Essex County provided by our team. A comprehensive assessment will show you how well your child is progressing and what they need. During this time together, we'll discuss your child's actions, feelings, traits, and shortcomings. We'll discuss the aspects of your family's life that are going well and those that could use assistance. We believe that every parent should feel supported and empowered by their ABA provider, and we believe that every family deserves a personalized therapy plan, tailored just for them. Additionally, Rainbow ABA Therapy will discuss any traumatic incidents or situations that have occurred in the past and might be causing their current problems. Because the memories can be so vivid, it can take some time to gather this information, but once we do, we can utilize it to understand better why your kid is acting the way they are and what needs to be done to make them feel safe once more.

Wellness Support Areas

Behavioral Issues

Wellness Approaches

Cognitive Behavioral (CBT)

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