Are you searching for a health and wellness center near me? At Loop Wellness Clinic, we provide a team of professionals that are compassionate and invested in your path to wellness. Your health is the most important thing in this life and our goal is to help you regain and reclaim your life. Our team of specially trained health care professionals will provide ongoing personal care and guidance so you can live a healthier lifestyle and improve your quality of life. We balance hormone levels, replenish vital nutrients, and more! Our approach is different than other clinics. We don't just prescribe medications or provide quick fixes. Our team works together to create a customized plan for each patient, which takes into account all factors related to their health care needs. From addressing specific symptoms to improving overall wellness, our doctors and specialists work together as one unit to provide the best possible outcome for our patients. Our goal is simple: get you feeling better fast!

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108 Church St SE Ste A, Leesburg, VA 20175, USA

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