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I am Dr. D, CPSYCHOL, PSYCHD, MSC, BA (HONS), HCPC registered. I am a warm, safe, confidential, highly qualified and experienced Chartered Psychologist in London with a mission to resolve personal and professional challenges, quickly and efficiently.
I’m passionate about people and excel at resolving problems. My aim is to understand your presenting issue in depth, look for patterns in relationships and current behaviour and to work with you to formulate effective solutions.
Depending on your needs, I employ a wide variety of psychological models and techniques, and work integratively. That is, using integrative psychotherapy, your therapy is tailored to your specific need for optimum results.
My interest in psychology began in 1991 when I became interested in the psychographics of advertising. In 1998, I volunteered as a counselor working with juveniles, obtained a MSc in Psychology in 2009 and was awarded, Doctor of Counselling Psychology (PsychD) in 2015. I am a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) and a member of the Health Care Practitioners Council (HCPC).
Having worked in the UK, Finland, Netherlands, U.S.A, Romania, Malaysia and Nepal, I have a rich, insightful and balanced socio-cultural worldview.



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