I am a Marriage and Family Therapist, an EFT practitioner, and advocate for deaf education. I combine energy healing with therapeutic models to process interpersonal and intrapersonal struggles. Through curiosity and compassion, we create an understanding space together for the client to go deep on limiting beliefs and tough emotions to improve emotional regulation, reduce stress, and feel empowered. Clients come to me for help with life transitions, improving communication with a partner, and/or defining their identity and knowing themselves on a deeper level.

Business Address

Paia, HI


M.A. MFT, M.S.D.E., EFT and Core Clearing Practitioner, 500 -RYT, Reiki Master/Teacher

Wellness Approaches

Attachment-Based, Coaching, Dialectical (DBT), Emotionally Focused, Existential, Experiential Therapy, Family/Marital, Family Systems, Gestalt, Gottman Method, Humanistic, Integrative, Internal Family Systems (IFS), Interpersonal, Intervention, Jungian, Mindfulness-Based (MBCT), Motivational Interviewing, Narrative, Parent-Child Interaction (PCIT), Psychoanalytic, Relational, Solution Focused Brief (SFBT), Somatic, Strength-Based, Structual Family Therapy, Trauma Focused, Reiki, Energetic, Emotional Freedom Techniques/Tapping, Mindfulness, Meditation, Aromatherapy, Homeopathy, Herbalism, Reflexology, Yoga, Applied Kinesiology

Wellness Support Areas

Addiction, ADHD, Adoption, Affair Recovery, Anorexia, Autoimmune Disorders, Behavioral Issues, Binge Eating, Bisexuality, Body Image Challenges, Borderline Personality, Breathing Techniques/Breathwork, Burnout, Career counseling, Caregiver Burnout, Co-parenting After Divorce, Codependency, Compassion Fatigue, Coping Skills, Couples, Dementia, Depression, Developmental Disorders, Disability Discrimination, Dissociative Disorders, Divorce, Domestic Abuse, Domestic Violence, Drug Abuse, Dual Diagnosis, Eating Disorders, Emotional Disturbance, Empowerment, Family Conflict, Food Sensitivity, Gaming Addiction, Gluten Free Diet, Goal Setting, Grief, Healing from Loss, Highly Sensitive Person, Hoarding, Hormonal Imbalances, Impulse Control Disorders, Infidelity, Insomnia, Intellectual Disability, Internet Addiction, Intimacy Issues, Learning Disabilities, Lesbian, Gay, Other, Life issues, Life transitions, Meditation, Menstrual Issues, Mental Health, Mindfulness, Mood Disorders, Multiple Sclerosis, Narcissistic Personality, Obesity, Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD), Oppositional Defiance, Parenting, Peer Relationships, Personality Disorders, Phobias, Pornography Addiction, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Postpartum Anxiety, Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Health, Pregnancy, Procrastination/Motivation, Race, Color, and Sex Discrimination, Racial Identity, Relationship Issues, Religious Discrimination, School issues, Self Esteem, Self Harming, Separation, Sex Therapy, Sexual Abuse, Sexual Addiction, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Orientation Discrimination, Single Parenting, Sleep Issues, Spirituality, Stress, Stress Management, Substance Use, Thinking Disorders, Trauma, Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)



Age Group Expertise

Adolescents/Teens (14-19)


$100 - $150, $150 - $200, $200 +


English, ASL


Nationwide, Hawaii

Availability (Hours)

Afternoon, Evening

Availability (Days of the Week)

Wednesday, Thursday

Faith Orientation

Other spiritual or religious affiliations

Racial Competence (United States)

African American/Black, Native American, Alaska Native, Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander, Hispanic/Latino, White American

Wellness Expert Specialized Experience

LGBTQ+ Allied, Blind Allied, Body Positivity, Cancer, Hearing Impaired Allied, HIV / AIDS Allied, Open Relationships, Racial Justice Allied, Sex-Positive, Vegan Allied, Healthcare Workers, Educators, Legal Professionals, First Responders, First Responders

TeleWellness Offerings

Video sessions/consultation, Phone sessions/consultation, Online Courses, Email communication

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