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For many women, pregnancy is an unexpected and very stressful time. The decision of whether to keep their baby or have an abortion pill can be emotionally overwhelming and often leads to feelings of guilt or shame. For some, the decision is made for them by others. At Anchor of Hope Health Center, we know perception and timing are important to making good decisions. That's why we provide life-affirming holistic services to women facing unintended pregnancies. We offer non-judgmental pregnancy testing and counseling—helping you make informed decisions about your life and future as you decide if you're going to carry your baby to term or not. We also provide support services for families with children. No matter what decision you make, we want to be here for you every step of the way...whether you choose life for your baby or not!

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Adoption, Miscarriage, Parenting, Pregnancy, Pregnancy Discrimination, Testing and Evaluation, Women's Issues

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