Day: February 8, 2022

Feb 08
Video Chat In The Wellness World

Offering Video Chats with Clients and Patients is Now Expected. Even before the pandemic, the move online had been gathering pace, but of course, the sudden need to work from home and embrace social distancing accelerated it considerably. With the health industry as a whole seeing a 60%+ increase in online consultations in 2021, it […]

Feb 08
The Modern Practitioner: Marketing For Wellness Practitioners

Today’s Modern Wellness Practitioners are online and have more than one expertise Wellness is a holistic concept that has steadily grown in popularity over the last few decades, as we recognize the importance of all aspects of our lives in delivering overall health and happiness. As society has embraced these ideals, Health and Wellness professionals […]

Feb 08
Online Wellness is Playing Catchup

The Pandemic accelerated consumer behavior 5 years ahead of time The pandemic is the defining event of the last few years. Overnight, it changed the way we work, live, and interact with other people, and the effects are still being felt today. Whether that was working from home or the gym and restaurants closing to […]