TeleWellness Hub: Revolutionizing Online Wellness Services

With recent advances in technology and a focus on home-centric services, the dream of the TeleWellness platform was born. A dream of a technology platform that would provide unparalleled service and interactivity between wellness providers and consumers all within the comfort of their own homes.

TeleWellness Hub is here to modernize the way we do wellness!

TeleWellness Hub is the perfect NEW online marketing hub for the modern wellness professional. The modern wellness professional may be a blogger, an influencer, an author, a community builder, a clinician, a yoga instructor, a nutritionist, a life coach, a reiki practitioner, or perhaps a combination of all of these; but either way, the modern wellness professional is an innovator!  They are unique in their approach to wellness and their delivery of wellness services.

The modern wellness expert is changing the way business is done, and Telewellness is here to help!  Gone are the days of constraining office leases and marketing by handing out countless business cards at local gyms or chamber functions.  Modern wellness experts are expanding their client base and personal satisfaction by running their business venture from their kitchen table, the backyard, or a retreat in the mountains. They write social media posts, wellness blogs, and ebooks to reach wellness clients while on their phones at their kids’ soccer practice or naptime. The modern wellness expert offers online content through virtual workshops, video appointments, and online groups.

This method is the new and better way to do wellness, and TeleWellness Hub is here to meet the needs for highlighting and showcasing the heck out of the modern wellness professional and all they offer!  And while the modern wellness professional is changing the way wellness is done, TeleWellness Hub is changing how online wellness is done.  With our NEW Innovative Technology Marketing Platform, we revolutionize how modern wellness practitioners and experts are seen, found, and booked online.

The modern wellness practitioner looks beyond what’s “wrong” with a client and looks at wellness and the whole health. The modern wellness practitioner wants to make wellness accessible instantly and in an innovative and enhanced way by harnessing the power of the internet to bring optimal wellness to a client. The modern wellness professional invests time and energy to craft their brand and offerings to deliver the best to their clients.

The modern wellness professional works hard to crafts client communications from video conferences and social media to website and email newsletters. The modern practitioner needs a platform to highlight all the effort that they put in. That is what we do at Telewellness Hub!

As a modern wellness professional myself, I created Telewellness Hub for other modern wellness professionals to be that technology facilitator for organizing and marketing the business of wellness.   For years I tried so hard to figure out a way to translate and market my clinical skills as a therapist, yoga teacher, and certified health practitioner that I offered in my brick and mortar office in my local town to a broader audience.  

I’m going to be honest with you, at first, I was COMPLETELY lost, and I failed. Miserably. I struggle with technology (I spent zero hours learning about online marketing in college, grad school, or internships, or even yoga training, for that matter!). I spent countless hours and an enormous amount of money trying to figure out internet marketing — how to host a website, design a website, learn what SEO was all about, create a social media page, figure out what to post on social media, and on and on (all you modern wellness professionals know what I’m talking about!) I lucked out solely because of my genes, and I am related to a brilliant online marketer who helped me set up ALL things online that led me to launch a successful online wellness business. And, I wanted all of my fellow wellness colleagues to find the same ease in launching their online wellness business! I wanted to help the modern wellness entrepreneur and their clients to thrive. I intended to create a hub that utilized premium online marketing usually left for the big guys (like top SEO, PrimeTime TV video ads, direct marketing, and more), showcasing the modern wellness practitioner and all they offer.

My goal is to help the modern wellness practitioner replace the need for a never-ending cascade of online marketing expenses in both time and money!  No longer will they need to be concerned with things like websites, hosting, social post, SEO, etc., because Telewellness Hub will take care of that so that they can take care of their clients!

The modern wellness practitioner is a rebel in the best way! They have unparalleled standards of innovation for whole-person health. We at TeleWellness Hub share this rebel spirit!  We are ready to shake things up! We are going to change the business of the modern wellness practitioner and the modern wellness market. Come with us!