Unveiling the True Meaning of Wellness: A Transformative Journey with Marta Hamilton, LPC-S Founder of TeleWellness Hub

Unfortunately sometimes the wellness world can be overwhelming and complicated. Today we go over: What is wellness?

The Global Wellness Institute defines wellness as “the active pursuit of activities, choices and lifestyles that lead to a state of holistic health.”

Of course, wellness is multidimensional. Most models of wellness include spiritual, physical, mental, financial, relational, emotional, environmental, and many more dimensions of wellness.

If you’re interested in making a shift from poor health to better health in one or more of these arenas, I hope this podcast (and our website) can be a helpful resource to you on your journey.

We’ll examine our mindsets, introduce ourselves to expert resources, and facilitate accessible, professional help wherever needed. And, unlike some other wellness podcasts out there, the guests here will be experts that you can actually reach out to and follow up with if you so choose.

My hope is that this podcast can inspire you and create more self-understanding around what you need, and how you can apply the quality information you’ll receive to your own life.

In our very busy modern world, it can be easy to complicate the wellness journey. Sometimes we’re tempted to put too much American hustle into our wellness approach, and often there’s a simpler and more guilt-free way to explore wellness.

Thanks for embarking on this wellness journey with us.

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As a quick reminder please remember that everything we talk about here is just meant to be for general information and is not meant as personal advice. Please consult a licensed professional with any personal questions related to topics discussed on our podcast episodes. 

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