Unlocking Your Career Potential: Insights from Personal Growth Coach Sarah Schmidt

Are you feeling stuck in your career or yearning for something more fulfilling? You’re not alone, and our latest episode might just be the push you need. We’re joined by Sarah Schmidt, a personal growth coach with a passion for helping others find their true potential. Sarah’s journey from a director role in higher education to establishing Joyful Valley Coaching is nothing short of inspiring. Her insights into the common thoughts and limiting beliefs that often hold us back from changing our career paths are enlightening.

Our conversation takes a turn into the impact of the pandemic on job opportunities and how it has affected people’s self-perception and career choices. Sarah’s unique approach to coaching not only helps people expand their options but also enables them to break free from their self-imposed containers. We also tackle the intriguing differences in how men and women approach job applications. And guess what? We also discuss Sarah’s utilization of technology, like chat GPT, for personal growth, career confidence, and promoting wellness goals.

Lastly, we delve deep into the relationship between therapeutic and coaching approaches. Sarah shares her thoughts on how people can get ‘stuck’ in their lives and how coaching can help them find the answers they are looking for. We also explore the role of positive self-talk in creating a healthier mindset. The importance of grace and self-care in our journey towards career fulfillment is also a major focus. All in all, it’s an episode packed with valuable insights and tips to help you navigate your career journey. So, why not tune in? Give yourself the permission to explore and grow.


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