Trusting Yourself with Money with Financial Wellness Coach Hanna Morrell

Today on the TeleWellness Hub podcast, we get to hear from financial coach Hanna Morell, owner of Pacific Stoa.

Hanna’s first client – and according to her, her worst as well – was herself. She found herself in need of greater financial wellness, and dove into a learning journey that set her on a path to discover how to trust herself, gamify spending habits, and detach from the perfectionism and apathy pendulum.

Hanna talks about the financial services industry’s common limitations, and how she discovered that what she really needed, and what a lot of her clients need, is a trauma-informed, person-centered curriculum that detaches people’s self-worth from their money.

We talk about the feelings of shame that can often be involved in the topic of money. Many people experience stress, frustration, and sometimes even despair regarding their money, so it’s obviously a really important area to examine and pursue wellness.

Hanna also talks about working with couples and facilitating relaxed, fun conversation around spending and saving, instead of the stereotypical stressful arguments.

Hanna seems to have a superpower of listening well and pulling out the underlying issue behind a financial situation. Then, she empowers people to build a customized pathway by using her curriculum and tools.

In this episode, I learned that a huge part of financial wellness is trusting yourself. This creates resilience, and awareness of behavior without judgement. Once her clients build these skills, the details of their budgets can fall into place more easily.

Hanna shares about how the procrastination cycle can be interrupted by self-trust. Trusting ourselves can result in more openness and choice in life, and make it easier to trust ourselves in more and more areas of life – which results in a healthier relationship with money, among other good things.

I’m excited to try Hanna’s Target Spending Game, to question the wants-verses-needs paradigm, and to model trusting myself to my kids! I am so glad we got to be inspired from Hanna together today.

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