Relationship Goals: Communication and Attachment with Relationship Wellness Expert Greg Lozano

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On today’s episode, I talk with Gregorio (Greg) Lozano, a licensed professional counselor in Texas and owner of Branch of Wellness Counseling.

He began in the field of mental health about 13 years ago as a case manager and quickly realized that he’d be in the helping profession for the long run. He uses different modes of treatment such as cognitive and interrelational therapies, and conducts sessions with English-and Spanish-speaking clients.

He enjoys couples and relationships work, and uses his knowledge of attachment styles to guide clients to more security and lower anxiety.

Greg teaches his clients about attachment styles, providing psychoeducation to equip them and help increase their self-knowledge. I also loved hearing Greg talk about remaining aware of his own attachment style, and how we can all achieve a more secure attachment style in the context of our relationships.

For example, a person with an avoidant attachment style tends to shut down when faced with a hard conversation. Or, a person with an insecure attachment style may come across as needy or demanding, and can tend to experience anxiety around abandonment and other possible negative outcomes that they feel may occur in their relationships.

Greg shared that a healthy relationship would contain both partners being available to each other, as well as feeling secure to reach out, which can be described as emotional dependability.

In this episode, Greg offered some amazing tips on active listening in order to connect and create safety. For instance, if your partner comes home and wants to share about a hard day, instead of offering solutions (like “have you tried talking to so-and-so”), repeating back or rephrasing what your partner shared (like “what I hear you saying is, it was challenging to…”).

Greg also reminds us that one of the most important dynamics in a relationship is how couples mend and reconnect after disagreement. He suggests that couples create emotional safety first, remembering that it’s a partnership even when there’s disagreement. This can include reaching for your partner’s hands, asking if they’re ready to talk about, and conveying tenderness.

Greg has a heart to serve other mental health professionals and physicians, and has set up his practice for utmost privacy and anonymity. Greg offers a free initial consultation and he’s also created flexibility in payment methods in case someone feels they want to avoid having a mental health visit on record.

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