How to Thrive in a Toxic Work Environment and Be a Leading Business Owner with Brendan Sullivan, JD

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I’m Marta Hamilton, and today I’m talking with Brendan Sullivan from One Vie. One Vie a think tank that supports executives and owners by helping them create effective, sustainable solutions to their business challenges.

Brendan’s own personal story includes having to navigate away from the stress and sleep issues his own work environment and habits were causing. He soon noticed that he wasn’t alone in the need to find a path back to health and balance, and that many of his peers hadn’t mastered the methods they needed for health and happiness in the corporate world either.

Now, he helps leaders and execs create healthier environments for themselves and their teams. Coaching senior leaders in these high-level life skills can increase workplace satisfaction and get companies more results at the same time.

Brendan says that health is wealth, and the lack of it burns everyone out. He mentions that some bosses haven’t spent time in the trenches before they become leaders, and that he can help fill in the gaps for people who find themselves landing straight into an executive role.

Stress costs American companies 300 Billion dollars [source], and is a common experience in the workplace. Brendan shares that he has seen many cases of isolation, overuse of caffeine and alcohol, insomnia, anxiety and more.

His consulting expertise helps leaders become healthier in their management style as well as personal life, which always has a ripple effect on the whole organization and its customers.

Brendan teaches us about creating better boundaries, evaluating our job happiness, expanding  our knowledge and therefore options, and avoiding the debt trap in order to have more freedom and negotiation clout.

I loved hearing Brendan explain how he walks his clients through the important question of: what can I do to have more impact? Often times, we have blind spots, and we need an outside consultant or coach to point them out. Then, we can become more intentional and insightful leaders, wherever we may have influence in the different aspects of our lives.

He also talks about how to decide what’s worth worrying about, and what’s not, and how to move on when things are bothering you outside of work hours, so your energy and emotional availability doesn’t get eaten up.

I hope this episode inspires you to look at your work situation from a different point of view and gives you new ideas in creating the life you dream of having!

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