Autism Awareness Month Special Feature episode with Wendela Marsh, PhD Award winning author, speaker, and CEO of Adult Autism Assessment & Services

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This is an Autism Awareness Month special episode! Today we hear from Wendela Whitcomb Marsh, PhD, an award-winning author and expert on neurodiversity assessment and care.

Dr. Wendela has been married to, and mothered, late-diagnosed individuals with Autism. She believes in expanding the number of neurodiversity-affirming therapy and other resources available for those who may be wondering if they have autism or other types of neurodiverse wiring in their brains.

Wendela shares how studies have shown that neurotypical people can often talk with other neurotypical people easily and autistic people can often talk with other autistic people easily as well. It’s when a conversation contains one of each that challenges may occur. Therefore, it’s unfair to always expect neurodivergent people to mask and talk like neurotypical people.

“Autistic people, and those who teach them, work with them, and love them, are among her favorite people in the world”.  Her books include: Recognizing Autism in Women and Girls, Autism Parent Handbook, Dating While Autistic, Independent Living with Autism, Homeschooling Autism Style, and the ABC’s of Autism in the Classroom.  She provides

Her practice offers free assessments for people who are wondering if they’re neurodivergent or have Autism and advice about where to go from there after taking the assessment. She shares that when a person finds out they are autistic, it often brings a feeling of relief.

Her team also connects people with relevant resources, depending on their personal goals. These resources include specialist therapists, life coaches, dating coaches, employment coaches and more.

It was so wonderful to hear Wendela’s heart to robustly address the “now what” question that people usually have after a diagnosis.

Wendela created a quiz, using characters from the original Star Treck, as a fun way to assess whether someone should possibly be tested for Autism. She also has a lot of information so that people can plan and know what to expect, before they dive into a consultation.

All of her assessment tools can be answered with true/false or number ratings in case someone’s not a big talker, but can also record more information if someone wants to write more.

If someone is screened and it’s likely that they don’t have autism, the team provides that up-front information and doesn’t charge them for anything.

Some people need a formal assessment so they can offer it to their school or place of employment, while others just want to know for themselves. So, she offers information about both of these options on the website as well.

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