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CTV Campaign Guide

Use this page as a helpful guide to get started on your custom CTV video ad for Primetime TV!

How to Get Started

Step 1: Select Your Ideal Audience on Our Target Audience Form

Please select up to 3 TOTAL characteristics of YOUR ideal audience that we will deliver your custom CTV video ad to from the target audience options form (see below).

Step 2: Create Custom Video

Please provide TeleWellness Hub with a video no longer than 15 seconds introducing yourself, your title/licenses/wellness services you offer and which states you offer your services in (it can be nationwide if your wellness business allows!) The acceptable video file types we can accept are .mp4 and .mov.

Please see our recommended script below:
“Hello! I’m (state your name). I am a (insert credentials/title here) and I am accepting new clients nationwide (OR in the states of (insert states)). You can learn more about me by visiting my profile on ”

To view a sample CTV video ad using the script above click HERE.

The video can be recorded on your phone, laptop, or other camera. We recommend using equipment such as tripods and ring lights when creating your custom video for the best quality. You can view equipment we recommend using by clicking HERE.

Step 3: Submit Your Video to Us

Email your video to our CTV expert, Alex Gomez, at

Step 4: Sit Back & Relax

You will be notified when your CTV video ad campaign has launched and at that point all you have to do is focus on your business! We will handle the rest! You will receive a monthly report to track the progress of your campaign. If you would like to view a sample monthly report that you will be receiving, click HERE.

Need more support?

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