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What’s included in the
Marketing Partner Bundle

Our team will create your TeleWellness Hub profile listing for you and even set up your online store on your profile to sell your products and services. Save yourself thousands of dollars and hours of work setting up your own directory profile or eCommerce website by utilizing your TeleWellness Hub profile for sales (including sales for revenue streams for passive income)! Post your own blog posts directly on your profile! Don’t know where to start with that? The Marketing partner bundle includes us ghost writing the blogs and posting them FOR YOU! After giving us your input about topics that relate to your expertise! View analytics of views and engagement on your profile directly in your dashboard.

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Get a custom TV video ad created just for you and guaranteed to achieve at least 2,000 views on TV’s in the states you accept clients. In fact, you tell us who your ideal client is (characteristics about them, where they live, and we get your ad to them!) Through our CTV advertising services, your custom video ad will appear on major networks like CBS, CNN, Bravo, ESPN, ABC, and more! Our CTV team will create and deliver monthly campaign reports to measure your results. Use the custom TV video ad for your marketing efforts and promote it on your social media channels and video platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Our TV ads have an average completion rate of 98%! This means you won’t be skipped over or only partially seen like on other video advertisement methods. Plus, we include a custom QR code for you in your ad, allowing viewers to instantly scan your code from the comfort of their home.

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Our team will create 12 custom blogs just for you that relate to your field of specialty, optimize your profile listing, and we will even POST your custom blogs for you to increase your digital footprint for search engine results while you sit back and relax and focus on self care (and other stuff about your business)! Our SEO team will research the best keywords to apply to your custom blogs for maximum visibility and exposure for search results that are closely related to your field of expertise.

Be featured on The TeleWellness Hub podcast that is published on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more! This is your opportunity to be discovered and heard on the most popular podcast channels to increase your online visibility and generate interest from potential clients. Your podcast episode will live forever on major podcast platforms and will also be featured on our website with a custom blog post that focuses on your field of expertise. Not only that, but your podcast episode will also be published on our YouTube channel to increase your exposure online. With us taking care of getting you your very own podcast episode, you can then easily share your podcast episode with potential clients or however you’d like for your own marketing efforts.

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After getting your input, our team will create 24 custom social media posts that are directly related to your field of expertise. We will deliver you 24 custom graphics, captions, and recommended hashtags to post directly on your own social media channels. If you don’t have any, we can help you get started to post your custom social media posts!

Our team will create a custom email marketing campaign for you and reach out to 5 organizations of your choice for referral generation. Don’t worry about taking time out of your busy schedule to find more clients and get known by companies that can increase your book of business. Our team will gather information from you to know what areas of your practice you would like to highlight and grow. We will reach out via email with an amazing summary of your work (including your podcast episode, YouTube video(s), QR code and more to ensure the messaging in the email copy reflects who you are, all that you do, your expertise, and all of your content!

We will create a custom QR code for you that will direct anyone to your TeleWellness Hub profile listing or any URL of your choice. This custom QR code will be placed on your custom video ad to increase conversion rates when being seen on TV, YouTube, or social media. Use your custom QR code for your own marketing purposes by placing it on various digital outlets of your choice to increase traffic and your client base.

Our team will create a custom media one sheet for your business that you can use for outreach and marketing purposes to showcase your wellness brand. You can use this media one sheet to reach out to other podcast hosts and be a guest on their podcast, prospective clients, organizations for referrals, or make available at special events as handouts. Give your wellness brand the best impression possible with a professional media sheet that will generate interest and make it easy for potential clients to learn about your business in a simple format.

Get a custom Yeti mug with your unique QR code on it to be scanned and go to your TeleWellness Hub profile listing or any URL of your choice!

Receive professional and marketing consultation services for your online wellness business from the CEO & Founder, Marta Hamilton, MA, LPC-S, to increase your brand awareness and conversion rate for new clients. Get recommendations on how to optimize your TeleWellness Hub profile, social media channels, and more to give the best representation of your brand.

What are the benefits of the Marketing Partner Bundle?

Our team is here to help and support you every step of the way to maximize your presence online and increase your search engine rankings. Have direct contact with the CEO and founder to get support for your business.

Gain direct access to a global digital marketing specialist to ask questions and get insights for the best practices and techniques to improving your online presence and maximize your digital footprint.

Through your TeleWellness Hub profile dashboard, you will have access to a list of our verified and credible brands we recommend working with to assist you with various parts of your business from legal to business coaching. By being a TeleWellness Hub member, you will save time and money through vetted recommendations made by colleagues.

Increase your digital footprint and exposure on the web to increase your search engine rankings with the creation and publication of your new digital marketing assets from our marketing services such as blogs, podcasts, custom videos, social media posts, and directory listing. Get discoverable on search engines through various digital media outlets to increase your likelihood of getting discovered by a potential client.

Many online wellness providers are promoting their services through advertising on social media and search engines. These marketing avenues are getting oversaturated and it’s hard to stand out to your ideal client base. Give your online wellness business the ultimate boost in visibility by getting seen on TV! Unlike social media or YouTube ads, viewers cannot scroll or skip your video ad. This is why the average completion rate of a TV ad is 98%! Ensure getting seen on primetime TV.

When you are running your own business, it’s hard to find the time to draft up an email marketing campaign to organizations to introduce yourself, your services, and generate referrals. Our team will take this work off your hands and develop a customized email marketing campaign highlighting your business to 5 organizations of your choice to increase referrals and your client base.

What Are the Steps
Upon Signing Up?

Click HERE and proceed to complete payment to receive confirmation and the CEO & founder will reach out to you via email for you to complete a marketing needs assessment and schedule your 1 on 1 session.

The marketing needs assessment form allows us to learn more about your digital marketing needs. We take the time to get to know the providers, what matters the most to them, and genuinely care about their success. This form helps us set up a plan for you that will help you achieve your goals. The CEO and founder, Marta Hamilton, will use this marketing assessment form for your 1 on 1 success session.

The 1 on 1 success session with CEO and founder, Marta Hamilton, is scheduled via a meeting link that you will receive in your welcome email for anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour. This session is for you to get live feedback, insights, and recommendations from the CEO on how to grow your online presence and see your business thrive!

After signing up for the Marketing Partner Bundle, we will email you a form to fill out with information regarding your online practice for our team to build your TeleWellness Hub profile listing for you. If there are any products you would like to sell on your profile listing, our team will work closely with you to get them listed with the appropriate prices and product descriptions. We believe that there are other great directories out there. We are here to be way more than a directory and establish a strong online presence for you. So, we will give you a copy of your profile content (bio statement, etc) that is on a TeleWellness Hub profile that might be helpful for you to use on other directories if you’d like.

Meet the CEO & Founder

Telewellness Hub was created by Marta Hamilton, LPC-S, a mental health provider since 2011 who also incorporates multiple disciplines and certifications into her private practice.

Message from CEO & Founder, Marta Hamilton, LPC-S:

“I understand the struggles of wanting to find the right wellness support AND marketing your own practice. I am a licensed therapist, certified yoga instructor, and health coach and have worked in several states. I had a pretty life changing traumatic divorce and as a single mom to one year old twins was working and grinding as a counselor at an agency but dreamed of the freedom of owning my own practice. I took the plunge and launched my practice. Within one year I grew a six figure private practice and later grew that into a successful group practice! I could never find a directory that fit my needs (both as a provider and client). I spent thousands of dollars and countless hours trying to figure out how to market my practice on my own. I also kissed a lot of marketing agency frogs that created more issues than it solved but eventually I found the right marketing support for my practice. I credit the success that I ultimately had in building my practice to the fact that I had access to affordable top of the line marketing support (SEO, CTV, marketing consultation and more). I recruited that marketing support to help me build TeleWellness Hub and after TWO years of research and development, am proud to launch the Marketing Partner Bundle. The Marketing Partner Bundle is my offer to pay it forward to others wanting to launch their own practice or wellness business while having more time and money for self-care and clients while ALSO supporting those seeking access to mental health and wellness by empowering them with ALL things wellness in ONE easily accessible digital hub.”

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Thank you so much for doing that! I’m so excited to hear people are already listening! It was a surreal experience to drive to work listening to my own podcast episode – a dream come true! Thank you again, I so appreciate you!

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